Robert Kubica: Is F1 return conceivable after groundbreaking damage?


Robert Kubica may regain fully but is a return to F1 possible after such heavy crash?

Robert Kubica’s injury is significant. So until further notice, there is a large number of fans who swung up to serenade his name from the grandstands on a heating hot summer evening – and the thousands more around the globe willing him on – should hold up to perceive how this amazing story will end.

Robert Kubica

In truth, even to have this far is unbelievable.

Driving around the Hungaroring, setting evidently aggressive circumstances, finishing long and short runs, giving “great” input to the Renault engineers, the 32-year-old Pole searched for all the world like whatever other amazing prix driver.

He is definitely not.

Six and a half years prior, Kubica was in healing facility in northern Italy battling for his life. An awful rally mischance, in which a steel roadside hindrance infiltrated his auto, and after that its driver, left him with different cracks down the right-hand side of his body and a somewhat separated right arm.

That arm and hand bear the impacts of that mishap right up ’til the present time – unmistakably decayed, held ungracefully, it has plainly constrained quality and halfway development.

Over two years after the mischance, Kubica alluded to a potential F1 return as an “almost outlandish” dream. However here he was finishing two thousand prix removes on one of the hardest tracks on the date-book.